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Return of the Drummer

Two years later he is back. I still admire the dedication, the intensity, the passion and the attitude.

Building capacity individually and personally

As an active member of the society I have pledged to do my best to learn, regardless of the long journey I have ahead of me. It all boils down to our personal development. It is an interplay between being and doing. So my question is how do you develop your own capacity, in practice, “to be more useful”? How do you know are you “growing” or “advancing” or “becoming more mature”? How do become a person who automagically “chooses to do” the right thing?

The musicians (and football players) practice in privacy

The major difference between Finns and other nationalities is that whereas it is for others quite natural to tell how good you are at something, for a Finn it is the hardest thing. It is in our culture. I am a Finn and when I talk about my work with a positive tone every now […]