Mika Korhonen

Mika Korhonen 2014-04
My passion is to transform organizations. Transforming companies into communities. If I would have a mission statement it would be “making the world a better place”.

I am studying everything what makes me understand the world better, as a whole. And almost everything is. I love to study how to apply spiritual values and learn about eternal truth. I get a kick out of behavioural sciences, holistic thinking, social change, habits and changing personal behaviour, brain research, learning and continuously improving organizations, Lean and Agile. You can see me often quoting and referring to Aristotle, Peter Senge, Daniel Kahneman, Maija-Riitta Ollila, Henrik Dettmann, Charles Duhigg, and the endlessly inspiring Bahá’í Writings.

How did I get into this? My values-based journey really started after reading Dorothy Marcic’s lovely, lovely book “Managing with the Wisdom of Love”. I thought that if somebody can talk about management and spirituality in same sentence, I can learn to apply that. I joined ebbf, an international organization of like-minded people, met amazing people who think alike, and got so enthusiastic about all of it that I was fired within half a year. I joined another organization and left it soon because of my values. I knew I was into something big.

When there was a possibility to enter inside of an organization and truly be myself, I jumped in without any trace of fear, and acted as a catalyst and an accelerant for a dramatic change from old to new, by only applying values, no magic tricks. Not from top-down, but inside out, with the people. It was a chance to create an environment that allowed individuals to bring out their full potential. We were raising the standards of work, allowing people to do their work according to their capacities and capabilities, maybe for the first time in their lives. Thanks to that the whole business has now a credible chance to prosper, succeed and thrive.

The combination of transformational change and continuous improvement is very powerful – only using both is change possible and results sustainable. Values-based leadership provides not only better financial results (which are necessary side effects), but also meaningfulness, joy and personal growth for individuals. People change, the culture changes, their environment changes, and when processes are changed simultaneously the whole world eventually becomes a better place.

My service in the governing board of ebbf is ennobling, uplifting and elevating. Together we are changing the world, through those small everyday actions. By its vision ebbf “accompanies mindful individuals and groups through daily work and discourse to transform business and the economy thereby contributing to a prosperous, just and sustainable civilisation.” I warmly suggest that you take a look.

I have found it – this is what I want to do. This is my passion, my source of inspiration, my meaningful path, source of continuous personal reflection, learning and improvement. If you are interested in workshops or talks on values-based leadership, you can find the contact details below. And if you have an organization to be transformed into lively community… let’s talk. Do find my contact information below.

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