Co-creation innovation boutique Finland

It is a new dawn. A new page. Empty table. Co-creation innovation boutique Finland.

But let me first go few months back and explain the journey so far.

It all started few months ago we had agreed to meet over a breakfast in a local Café Wilhelmiina in the center of Jyväskylä. Petteri (@PeMustalahti), my former colleague, opened the meeting by saying that he had resigned from his job without any clue what to do next. There was also another friend in that morning meeting (@MinnaLiminka) who had also resigned few months before. I was shocked! I have not done my homework, I said. I was only one who was still in a corporate world. But the process started, right there, in order to start something new: what if I would allow something completely new to happen? Clear the table first and be completely open for what is going to happen next? It felt right thing to do.

Long story short: Petteri and I both finished our jobs on December 2017 and after a short break we started working together in the beginning of January 2018. It is a new, fun period of time during our careers for both of us. Together we have been working in the corporate world and IT-industry for 50 years. Now it is time to do something differently.

Without a job world looks very different. Definitely a new phase in life.

The essence of this phase is creativity. We have been sitting together in a room for nine days (yes, we have an office, courtesy of @KumuraFI, and every day we create, together, something new. Creating something new may be one of the single coolest things. We are not trying to look back and solving old problems, but rather looking forward and thinking how things could be. It is a very positive world we are at. It is based on building, not opposing.

I used the word “together”. We are co-doing everything. Not just two of us: we have been constantly drawing people into our “boutique” to create meaning, dream, innovate, release potential, challenge assumptions, re-orient views. We have noticed that a minimum length for a good conversation is two hours: if it is less than that then we hardly can get to the essence of things. We want to talk about life.

We connect minds, but also ideas. We often talk about life – education of children, marriage and relationships, business, arts, science (a lot!), research topics, sports, culture, politics… everything which feeds the thinking. In this way an initial thought is built, dots are connected, and something new is being created. We look at the world with very wide angle: this is not the time to limit ourselves into ITC field only.

With new ideas and by bringing in all the friends it is almost like a dream factory.

At this point there is no “company”, we are off the grid right now. But something will come up, and it will take a more formal shape and structure, but it is better not to worry about it right now. But it is certainly something. We decided to pick a name for this space where all of this cool and hip and hop is happening. And that “something” is now called Co-creation innovation boutique Finland. And both of us, myself and Petteri Mustalahti, are Directors there (think it as a art or a movie or a idea director rather than a director in a company – redefinition of the word!). Half fun, half serious, as we Finns many times are.

Every day we are defining and framing the environment where we want to be. One thing is very clear: we do not want to be part of anything which utilizes the weaknesses of human nature. We want to advance things which will contribute to the positive processes of making a world better place. Whatever we end up doing it will fall inside of that definition.

Co-creation innovation boutique Finland is already a community. You are also invited.

We are hard to find, but if you come to the hoods of Café Wilhelmiina (where it all started!) we can come down and pick you up! Just give as a call.


Our main tool is the whiteboard. All the visitors are offered a pen and asked to join.


  1. Congrats gyus! This sounds good & inspirational! Looking forward to hearing more.

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  3. This sounds promising and intriguing, fellows! I hope to hear more about this thing of yours in the future

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